The higher education communication landscape is complex, challenging, and constantly evolving. Those of us who work in this world must balance the needs of many disparate audiences and the benefits of a wide-ranging toolset.

We’ve found inbound marketing to be one of the most effective tools available today to colleges and universities taking an aggressive and proactive approach to communications. Inbound allows for the orchestration of multiple tactics, resulting in authentic, consistent messaging, strong search engine rankings, and meaningful interactions with right fit prospects.

Despite the potential that inbound holds for colleges and universities, we’ve found that inbound marketing is still not widely used by higher education institutions. Perhaps because it’s not widely understood. We’ve found that establishing a baseline understanding of this approach is a critical first step in assessing opportunity, building strategy and achieving results.

For most of us, this really just a matter of filling in some blanks. You may be the best writer working in .edu, but you’re still baffled by the mysteries of SEO. Or perhaps you’ve designed award-winning websites for years, but you’ve just started to unravel the role of social media.

This deck of inbound flashcards is our attempt to level the playing field. Each represents our take on the issues, audiences, tools and concepts that are necessary for the development and successful implementation of an inbound strategy for a college or university. We can’t make you an expert overnight, but we can give you a definition, a point of view, and a launching pad for further explanation.

So feel free to explore. Enjoy. Learn something. Find your way somewhere new.

And if we’ve forgotten something, let us know! Email